Anti-radiation belly bands

Protect your future baby from electromagnetic waves which are emitted by mobile phones, tablets, wireless networks, but also equipment producing radio frequencies such as microwave ovens…

Many pregnant women understand that they must avoid cigarette smoke, alcohol, and be careful with their diet. But to this must be added the need for them to also protect themselves from exposure to radiation.

Very comfortable, the MySilverShield belly band is made of soft, silky and stretchable viscose spandex mesh, coupled with our exclusive protection fabric. It can be worn from the first month of pregnancy and adapts to all stages of it, without any discomfort.

“I think it’s a good product, from a good idea! As I’m rather for the precautionary principle, I love this product even more. I tested it by putting my phone in the band, and it falls directly on my voicemail!” (Virginia)


Unique size

Different colors

Composition: top cloth 97% viscose, 3% spandex; microfiber made from silver wire for interior fabric

Machine washable at 30°C