Barrier mask


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A barrier mask is intended to reduce the risk factor for general transmission of the infectious agent.

Its wearing limited to half a day makes it possible to constitute a protective barrier against possible viral penetration in the mouth and nose area of its user or of a person being nearby.

It was manufactured in France in accordance with the documents and materials for standardization under the status of AFNOR SPEC S76-001: 2020.

This device is neither a medical device within the meaning of regulation EU/2017/745, nor personal protective equipment within the meaning of regulation EU/2016/425.

– 1 layer of 100% woven cotton 210 g/m2
– 1 layer of polypropylene filter media 50 g/m2 (filtration threshold 25μ)
– 1 fabric layer 65% polyester 35% cotton 170 g/m2

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Wash or expose to 60° C for 10 min before first use.
Machine wash at 60° C for at least 30 min.
Maximum use of 4 hours non-stop, and wash between each use.
Once the mask is properly adjusted, it is important not to touch it up with your hands if they are not clean, washed as advised in barrier gestures.
It is not recommended to use it during a sporting activity.